Info on Pit Bulls


My blog  will be about Pit bulls.

I have a one year old female pit bull and I got her when she was just a few weeks old. She was so small and could see her bones and looked really sick. I loved her from the first time I saw her. So I took care of her and gave her my love. I wanted to post this blog to help others with some tips and information about them.

Update: I gave my female pitbull to a great person that is taking care of her since I moved away. She is doing well and being loved and well cared for.

Also as of 2011, I have a male pitbull that is gray and white colored. He is so silly and a great dog or to me a big pup/baby.


  • Exercise with the pit bull at least once or twice a day. Even if it’s 10mins or 30 mins. Pit bulls need daily exercise and at most times high levels as well.
  • If you do not plan to breed the pit bull needs to get spayed or neutered.
  • Keep the pit bull properly confined. Pit bulls are well known to escape if they are not well confined it can cause problems.
  • Love and take good care of the pit bull. They are dogs that need lots of love and caring for.
  • Supervise the pit bulls with smaller children. THIS IS A MUST!

There are wonderful with family, and are a people loving dog. They need plenty of exercise everyday. Pit-Bulls are social dogs they greet strangers like friends. They are dogs that are safe with people. They are silly,playful and beautiful dogs.


Some people criticise pit bulls because of what they heard or come out in the news. Human Aggression, instability and high shyness are not traits found in Pit bulls. I see it that it depends on the owner , if the owner of the Pit bull neglects it, doesn’t care of it, and so forth. The pit bull will be mean and have human aggression. These kinds of dogs need a lot of love and caring. I am pretty sure the pit bull owners have gone somewhere like a park and your just walking with your pit bull and hear other people criticise you and your dog. It is not right because they do not know the the true facts about these loving animals.

I truly hope that this information will help you in some way or another.Here are some links to look into:

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